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Dr Steve Swain (Chiropractor)

Steve's story...

"Growing up, I have strong memories of my mother regularly being out of action for hours at a time due to debilitating headaches. After she followed a friend's advice to visit a chiropractor, I got to witness first-hand the transformation chiropractic care had on my mum. The headaches that had plagued her for the previous 30-years gradually faded away. This didn't just benefit my mum, it had a huge positive impact on our whole family - we had our mum back! I saw this transformation take place when I was 15-years old, and decided right there and then, that I wanted to be a chiropractor."

Dr Steve graduated in 2002 with First Class Honours from The Welsh Institute of Chiropractic, at Glamorgan University in South Wales, UK. He then worked as a chiropractor in Taunton (England) for a couple of years, before moving and settling in Solihull (England). After 14-years of being a part of a busy thriving chiropractic practice in Solihull, the pull of NZ was too great, and he moved with his wife (a Hamiltonian) and two young girls to live in Hamilton.

He is passionate about helping people naturally through chiropractic care, and healthy lifestyle guidance - all of which supports recovery and healing, so people can function and feel at their best.
Steve has always enjoyed sports - both watching and playing. Since moving from England to live in New Zealand, he is loving the warmer climate and being able to spend quality family-time outside exploring what New Zealand has to offer.

Dr Steve Swain (Chiropractor)

Rebecca -  CA (Chiropractic Assistant)

Rebecca's story...

It's great to be back in Hamilton! 

After living in England for 11 years, coming back home to New Zealand's relaxed, outdoorsy, more natural lifestyle is truly awesome and something we appreciate.

Prior to being part of Blue Sky Chiropractic, I enjoyed being a primary school teacher both in NZ and in the UK.

I absolutely loved my years in the U.K, (especially as that's where I met my husband Steve and where I had our two daughters!)... and it's also where I first learnt about the benefits of chiropractic.

Chiropractic care helped me tremendously with both of my pregnancies and births, as it helped to keep my pelvis and posture in balance throughout.

Rebecca (Practice Manager and Chiropractic Assistant)

Carmel - CA (Chiropractic Assistant)

Carmel's story...

When the weather is good I like to get outside - either to walk our dog, go for a long run, or to just potter in the garden!

I've been mindful of having a healthy diet and lifestyle for many years, but only recently discovered what a difference adding in chiropractic care can make! Amongst other benefits like feeling stronger when I exercise and having better concentration, it’s been great to finally get some relief from 30-years of chronic headaches and neck pain.